Week 15 EC – Feedback

First, I want to say I love this class. I enjoyed everything I have done so far and would not change a thing we did this semester. Glen is a wonderful professor and the class was all around very wonderful.

If I had to pick three of my least favorite activities it would probably be the graffiti drawing, sketching in the Japanese garden and Zines and Flip books. My three favorite activities were Instagram, Automatic Drawing and Vlogs.

I like the hybrid format because I was still able to see and interact with my classmates and teacher.

The classmate conversations were fun because I got to learn more about my classmates and make new friends. I have made many new friends through Art 110 and I hope our friendship goes far beyond Art 110.

I thought the weekly art blogs were interesting and I also really enjoyed seeing other people’s artwork. Most of the time I was in awe of how talented many of my classmates were.

I like the art of the week discussions, however, I wish we could edit or delete our posts if we made a mistake (or maybe we could do that but I just didn’t know how???). There were times when I found mistakes in my post but I did not know how to edit it. The videos were helpful because I got to look at art from different time periods and see how they change over time. Furthermore, I got to see what kind of art I liked and what kind of art I didn’t like.

WordPress is an easy site to use, I like it.


Week 15 – Art Activity – Finger Painting

At first sight of ‘finger painting’, I wasn’t too excited because I did not want to get my hands dirty, and feared the paint wouldn’t wash off well. However, once I started doing the activity I thought it was pretty fun. I liked this new form of painting because I am able to create art with nothing but just one of my body parts. Also, after doing the activity I found the paint to be easily removed so that made the activity a bit more fun. The one downside I found to the activity was the colors that I was given. I was given the colors red, green, and white. However, I couldn’t really use the white on a white sheet of paper. So, I tried mixing the colors together a bit. I would have liked to use three colors and not have to mix them, but I thought the red and white making pink turned out alright.

Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Amy Duran

Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Duran Luis Casas
Exhibition: Love Houses
Media: Mixed-Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: polkadot.pony

About the Artist 

Amy Duran is a BFA Ceramics undergrad. Duran transferred from Cypress College to CSULB. She is hoping to graduate from college next semester. Duran has always been interested in sculpting, but when she is not sculpting Duran enjoy decorating cakes, painting and watching movies. Her favorite kind of movies are fantasy movies such as Harry Potter. In addition, Duran likes to retell fantasy stories such as the girl, guy and the wolf.

Formal Analysis

Duran’s gallery includes vases and ornaments you can hang up. At first glance, the ornaments look similar to sugar cookies. Furthermore Duran also has vases on display in which she painted white flowers on them. Another part of Duran’s gallery includes figurines. She has on display a man wearing a red and black checkered flannel sitting on a patch of grass enjoying himself. Furthermore, she also depicts a woman sitting on a rock wearing a periwinkle dress. The woman also has a basket of of apples on her lap. Behind the woman are two apple tress, one apple apple tree has a wolf standing next to it, and the other apple tree has a sign that says BEWARE and has the wolf’s face depicted on it.

Content Analysis

Duran says she enjoys story telling, especially a story about a man woman and wolf. I think the figurines are Duran’s way of storytelling. Both the figurines of the woman and the man displayed in Duran’s gallery has a very content facial expression, giving the impression that their life is well put together and they have everything they have ever wanted. However, little do they know there is a wolf who could impact their happy, perfect lives and change it all around.

Synthesis / My Experience 

I really enjoyed Duran’s artwork in that it is very different from anything I have ever seen. I really related to Duran’s figurines of the man, woman and the wolf because sometimes life can be surprising. You never know what is going to happen next in your life. One moment you can be content with life, but then the next moment disaster can strike. Furthermore, I thought this week’s art gallery walk was more fun than usual because these were art pieces that we could purchase and they were nice small items.

Week 14 – Extra Credit – Professional Portfolio

For my professional portfolio, I decided to include two pictures of myself. The first photo is a photo of myself in 2010, when I was 13 years old about to head into my freshman year of school in the fall of 2011. The other photo of myself is a recent photo from 2016. I had just finished my first year of college and was visiting family in Vietnam over the summer. I decided to include these two photos to analyze how I have changed in a span of 5.5/6 years.

First, I analyzed my appearance. I think by appearance, I still look the same. The only differences are that I don’t have braces anymore and that my hair is also shorter.

Then, I analyzed my goals. I think in 2010 I was just a kid that still wasn’t sure what they wanted. Maybe my goal in 2010 was to figure out what I wanted to do in life. Also, I think my other goals might be to do well in school and be happy. I think those goals are still relevant to my life today. However, I also have some additional goals. Recently, I joined a research lab on campus and in regards with my research I want to be able to gather some data to present at conferences. In addition to that I would also like to publish something for scientific articles. Furthermore, aside from research, I would also like to volunteer at a hospital to get some medical field experience.

Looking back at my art blog, it serves a valuable purpose in that I am able to look back at all the things I have done in the art class and see where my time was spent.

Week 14 – Art Activity – Instagram

Instagram day allowed everyone to be artists for the day in that they went around and took photos of their day, and shared their photos onto Instagram. I thought this activity was interesting because I got to take a glimpse into everyone’s day. In addition to being able to look at everyone’s day, I also got to track my day, and saw what interesting things I did at the very end of the day. Some of the photos people posted consisted of coffee, their dogs, food, themselves and their friends, as well as photos of nature. Looking at the photos, it made me realize that even though everyone is living ‘today’, we all experience it a different way. We eat different things, do different things and talk to different people. No one has the same day as anyone else unless they are spending the whole entire day together. One of my favorite things I saw was someone posted a orange and brown leaves, clearly expressing fall, while I posted a photo of a Christmas tree I just bought home and decorated. It is amazes me how the seasons change and how I am getting ready for winter/Christmas, but this person is still trying to soak in fall, which may be their favorite season.

Week 14 – Classmate Conversation – Aleah Lomeli

For this week’s classmate conversation, I spoke to Aleah Lomeli who was really nice. Aleah is from Whittier, California. She was born on May 28th and her horoscope is a Gemini. She has 5 younger siblings that she loves even though she finds them annoying at times as well. In addition, she is a first year student and is social work major. Her favorite subject in school is psychology, while her least favorite subject is statistics. Aside from going to to school and studying, Aleah enjoys cheer (she was a cheerleader in high school) and hanging out with her boyfriend, who she has been dating for 2 years, as well as her other friends and family members. Her favorite thing to watch on Netflix is Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. Aleah and I found out one thing we had in common was that we both really enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy. Her favorite foods are wings and pasta.

The question of week was related to our perspective of school in the year 2036. Aleah believes that in 2036 school will be taken over by technology and teachers will be teaching through computers. In addition, there will be more online courses.

You can check out Aleah’s website and see all the cool art things she’s been up to here: aleahlomeli28


Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Selena Lara

For this week’s classmate conversation, I spoke to Selena Lara, and learned some interesting facts about her. Selena is from Compton, California and grew up with three sisters that she loves very much. She is a 4th year student at CSULB, is majoring in healthcare administration. Selena thinks she won’t be graduating until next year, so she will be a super senior. Selena’s favorite subject in school is finance. She loves the color red, and enjoys eating Chinese food. When Selena is not busy with school work she enjoys binge watching criminal TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Law and Order and Bones on Netflix. When Selena grows up, she wants to be a turtle. Currently, Selena is a nanny for foster babies.

The question of the week requires us to ask our classmate if they would chose the blue or red pill from the movie ‘The Matrix.’ If someone takes the red pill then they continue to be in Wonderland, however, if they take the blue pill the will wake up and the story ends where they will believe in whatever they want to believe in. Selena would take the blue pill because she believes the red pill would make her afraid to live. Furthermore, she would take the blue pill because she finds it challenging to believe in things that others don’t and have to continue proving them wrong. She finds this hard to cope with.

To learn about Selena Lara, check out her blog: selenalarablog