Art Activity #1: Plaster Casting

On Saturday (8/27/16), I went to Seal Beach with Linda and Cindy to do our plaster casting activity. When we got there the sun didn’t come out yet which I thought was a blessing. I thought the activity was going to be hard because I didn’t really have an idea what we were doing but once we got started, I realized it wasn’t too bad. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I had to go to the beach and sand got everywhere, but thankfully the sand came off quickly. I was tasked with the job of rinsing out the buckets since we put some wet sand in it and I managed to get wet, which wasn’t the most pleasant thing in the world but it wasn’t the worst thing ever either. Our plasters did not come out too well, the fingers didn’t look like fingers. I think it was because we didn’t put a good enough print on the sand. My favorite park of the project was mixing the plaster because reminded me of the times I was baking and I love to bake and mix things. 🙂 I also really liked it when I had to dig my plaster out of the sand and getting to see the final product was fun.


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