Week 2 – Classmate Conversation

For week 2’s classmate conversation I spoke with Marcelo Ceballos. Marcelo is from Lakewood and attended Cypress High School. The funny thing is, I attended Pacifica High School, and Pacifica and Cypress are rivals when it comes to sports, however, Marcelo and I got along fine, I think. I asked Marcelo, who was a very nice (he even offered me a peanut butter cookie) and funny, a few questions about himself in addition to the question of the week. I found out a couple things about Marcelo such as he is in his 5th year of college and hopes to graduate in the spring, he is biology major, he has a terrier dog named Oscar (who Marcelo says is a bit jumpy and likes jumping on you), his favorite cookie is white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (which also happened to be my favorite cookie as well, so we bonded a bit over that), his favorite food is pizza BUT his favorite fancy food, which is a food that you love but is too intricate to make, is clam and linguini. Marcelo says that he finds clam and linguini really good and that after he finishes eating it his mouth always smells like onions. Another thing that we found that we had in common was that he and I both enjoy kayaking. Marcelo said that he even considered buying a kayak once but he didn’t because he didn’t know where he put it and he doesn’t go kayaking that often either.

Aside from the fun life, Marcelo is interning at Tidal Influence to help manage and restore wetlands (hence the biology major). He is also a part of ‘Safari to Success’ which is a program here on campus to help students succeed and he also tutors people. He also a member of the CNSM student council, which he says is responsible for the free pizza that CNSM gives out at times.

When I asked Marcelo, ‘is art important?’, he believed that it is very important. He says that art gives your emotions, it makes you feel something. It gives us another level of understanding humans. Through one’s art, we can see how they are expressing themselves, what is going on through their heads and in their life, if they’re depressed or happy. Furthermore, he says that art makes people creative and that is always a good thing especially in dark times. IMG_4151.png


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