Week 2 – Landscapes with a Corpse

I have never really put much thought into how I want to die. I have an idea of how I want to die though. Like probably 99% of the population, I would also like a fast and painless death. Death is inevitable, and we don’t get to chose how we die and we may never know how we’ll die which is why I find death such an anomaly. Everyone knows how they’re born, and others know when we will be born too but we don’t know how we are going to die or when we are going to do. I’ve thought about ways I could die: cancer, in my sleep or just falling off of something.

I had a friend take a photo of me laying on the ground looking as if I had just fallen off a bridge. As a clumsy person, I am always falling and tripping (I have many scars from the times that I have tripped over something and scraped my knees), hence I thought that me falling off a bridge could actually happen. I wanted to include all of my belongings in the photo (my laptop and my cellphone) in the photo to make it look more realistic as if I had accidentally fallen off the bridge, and not on purpose. Also, as I am typing this blog up I just realized my shoes are on. I realized that having my shoes on may not be the most realistic thing since my shoes are most likely going to fall off after a high jump, but at the moment I did not think of that.

I made this photo black and white because death is not something colorful. Death is pretty dark and twisted, hence I wanted this photo black and white to show that my death was not a happy event with rainbows and clear beautiful skies. IMG_4160


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