Week 3 – Classmate Conversation

For this week’s classmate conversation I spoke to Stephanie Arciva. Stephanie was very nice and gave me a really firm handshake when we shook hands. The only problematic thing about Stephanie was that she made me retake her classmate conversation photo a million times because she didn’t liked any of them. I, personally, thought she looked good in all of the photos. 🙂 I got to know a few things about Stephanie. She and I have one thing in common in that we are both STEM majors. Stephane is a chemistry major,which I thought was crazy because chemistry majors do so much math, but then again I am a biochemistry major which is just as crazy, so maybe we’re both a little crazy. I also learned that her favorite color is grey, and the funny thing is she told me to spell it g-r-e-y instead of g-r-a-y and when I asked why she said she doesn’t know. I had no problem spelling it g-r-e-y but I thought it was a little funny. Also, I thought it was cool that she likes the color grey because my favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy, so I guess I could say we have the color grey in common. On the topic of TV shows, Stephanie’s current favorite TV show is Game of Thrones. On her free time, Stephanie loves to eat and do yoga as well as working out. She loves eating fish tacos and turkey burgers. After she talked about food, she got me craving some tacos and burgers as well.

For the the question of the week, which was “What type of art has had the most influence on where you are today?”, Stephanie believes the type of art that has the most influence on where she is today is through the media. She says that everyone is always on their phones, making videos, and taking photos and posting them on social media outlets. She also believes that music is another form of art that has a lot of influence on her life because many song lyrics really resonate with her. img_4169


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