Week 4 – Artist Conversation – Carly Lake

Exhibition Information

Artist: Carly Lake
Exhibition: Closer
Media: Mixed Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi
Website: carlylake.com
Instagram: sea.lake

About the Artist

Carly Lake is a fifth year student at CSULB. She is a part of the illustration BFA program on campus. Carly is originally from Covina, which is about an hour away from Long Beach. She currently resides in Huntington beach where she lives with her grandparents because they allow her to live there for free, which is a plus because she is a college student and needs all the saving she can get. Aside from art, Carly enjoys going to the beach, hence she goes to a school in Long Beach and also resides in Huntington Beach. She also enjoys playing soccer, hiking and camping. Her favorite food is a burrito.


My favorite art from the exhibition was the piece Untitled. I found it to be fascinating because it was the only piece in the gallery not hung up on a wall, but instead if was placed on a bed. From my conversation with Carly, the piece is supposed to be a blanket, hence it is on the bed. There are letters that make up the blanket. The letters are letters that Carly and her boyfriend sent to one another over the timespan of three years, since they have a long distance relationship. The letters are not spread out in straight letters however some of the pieces are slanted and placed all over the place in a slanted pattern. She also uses watercolor to splash stains on to the ‘blanket.’ The letters are very raw, Carly and her boyfriend never meant to send the letters to one another with the intent that Carly would publish them for her art exhibition.

I found the blanket to be a very intimate type of art because those letters were private letters sent from Carly to her boyfriend and vice versa. I found it really cool that she placed the blanket on a bed because a bed is a very intimate setting and a place where you always come back to at the end of the day. In a way, Carly is saying that she and her boyfriend always come back to one another even though they are distances away. I found it nice that Carly has found a person that she can come to at the end of the day. In addition, I love how she adds stains to the blanket to make it more real because something that has been used often usually has stains. I think that the stains could also represent pivotal moments of their relationships that changed the relationship.

Unlike Carly, I have yet to find a person that I can come home to at the end of the day, however, I find the bed to be a very comforting place. I love coming home to my bed at the end of a long and tiring day. Snuggling in my bed with my blanket on top of me while watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most comforting things to me. One of my favorite types of sleep is those really deep sleep where you fall asleep right as you lay on the bed. I also love snuggling in my blanket and having it warm up to me.



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