Week 4 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

At first, I found this art activity to be pretty interesting. Looking at some of the examples, I would have never considered some of them to be art for they are just scribbles. However, after thinking about the definition of art from week 1, which was that art is anything that has human influence, I feel that scribbles could also represent art. After doing my automatic drawing with a friend, I found the scribbles that we drew to be aesthetically pleasing. I would probably hang them up on my wall if they were drawn on something other than poster paper.

When I started the activity with my friend, I found it to be challenging that we had to hold hands and draw. Most of the time, I wanted to let go of my friend’s hand and draw the scribbles by myself. We both could only go in one area which was in the middle of the poster, and it was hard for us to go on the corners if we didn’t communicate. I definitely found the activity to be very interesting and at the same time very fun.



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