Week 7 – Art Activity – Zine & Flip Books

For this week’s activity I chose to do a flip book because I thought it would be fun to have a little flip book, not that having a zine book wouldn’t be fun, but a flip book reminds me of moving gifs on the internet. I also liked that flip books tell a story. The story that I chose to tell through my flip book is of a flower growing. I think the story of a flower growing is worth telling because flowers go through such an intricate process to become the beautiful plant that they are. A flower in a way is just like a human being. Like them, we start off as a small seed and then through time we grow and grow and become the person we are today. When we are younger, we need care from others. Like us flowers  need to get sunlight and water, and to be watched so that other animals don’t hurt them.

In my flip book, I had 10 different ‘flips.’ My flower started off as a tiny branch standing on some grass, then I had a little bit of the pedal part of the flower grow and then I added some leaves on the branch part of the flower for some detail. In the end, my flower became a beautiful plant on a patch of grass.


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