Week 8 – Art Activity – Sketching in the Japanese Garden

At the first thought of sketching in the Japanese Garden, I really dreaded it because the gardens are so far away from everything on campus and I would not consider myself of a great drawer. I have never been to the Japanese Garden before so I didnt know what to expect. Upon arriving to the gardens I thought it was really small and that the water in the pond was dirty. I didn’t know what to sketch because it was so small and we had to have so many sketches, but I managed to figure it out. Furthermore, one of the requirements for this activity was to not erase anything. I found this task to be challenging because I was using a pencil with an eraser on top of it and to not be able to use it really bugged me. I made many mistakes while sketching but instead of erasing them, I decided to turn them into something beautiful.

For my abstract drawings, I drew what it looked like when the ducks in the ponds were moving around in the pond. To me it looked like a whirlpool, so that is what I drew. Furthermore, when the ducks’ wings were flapping it looked like lines going up and down so that was another abstract drawing that I drew. Another one is the movement of the koi fishes in the phone. I realize that they would move really fast if you feed them with the bird food for sale and that when the fish were moving fast it created kind of like a curvy line movement.




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