Week 9 – Art Activity – Art Care Package

I am going to send my art care package my friend who is currently studying aboard in the Netherlands.

In the art package I have:

  1. A handwritten letter
  2. A picture of me, him and the rest of our friends
  3. A U.S. Dollar
  4. A movie ticket from Suicide Squad, one of the movies we saw together

I think sending an art care package to my friend is similar to Snapchat in that I am communicating with them and expressing that I care for them which is why I am talking to them. On the other, an art care package is different from Snapchat is that it can seem more meaningful and can show more love. I have taken the time out of my day to think about him and what he would want or need in his care package. Furthermore, I have also taken the time to sit dow write him a letter that expresses my feelings saying how much I miss him and that I hope he is doing well. In addition, an art care package takes a longer time to reach my friend than a ‘snap’ on Snapchat will take. I can send him a nice photo with a caption in seconds through Snapchat, assuming that I have good internet connection. On the other hand, the art care package can take weeks to reach my friend, and sometimes it might even get lost in the mail and never reach him. However, the effort that I put in mailing and putting the package together shows more effort and will seem more meaningful to my friend. I find that sending someone something via social media outlets such as Snapchat is more convenient because it is faster and he could reply to my message faster. In addition, sending him something on Snapchat is also free versus I have to spend money mailing the package and printing out the photo to include in the art package.

I think ephemera is more precious because it shows how time changes over time. For example, movie ticket prices have raised over the years. If one had a movie ticket from centuries ago it might look different from a movie ticket from today. In addition, that movie that the movie ticket is more might be different today than it was a century ago.

I don’t think there is a difference between art seen by just one set of eyes vs. art seen by many people. I think art should be something meaningful and as long as it is meaningful to its audience I don’t think there is a difference between art in a museum and art sent to one person only.img_4399


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