Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Laura Lockett

Laura Lockett is a second year pre-social work major. She doesn’t know if she is going to continue with the major, but for now that is the major she is going to work with. Lockett is a team member at Target. Her favorite places to go are Colorado and Montana because of the open space and less people. Lockett loves pho and gets it at least 3 times a week eats sushi. She also really loves Chick-Fil-A. Her favorite sauces are Chick-Fil-A are polynesian, chick fil a, and BBQ sauce. One thing that Lockett and I had in common was that we both love polynesian sauce from Chick-Fil-A. The sauces that she chooses depends on her mood. Her favorite color is right now purple but it changes with time. On her free time, Lockett enjoys watching TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Bob’s Burger, and Gossip Girl. The next show she would like to watch when she has the time, probably during winter break, is Gilmore Girls. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because she gets to eat a lot of food but it is also her least favorite holiday because she eats a lot of food which makes her gain weight and therefore fat.

This week’s question of the week was about how Demi Lovato was drawn unrealistically by a fan and was upset about it. Lockett doesn’t like Demi and thinks that Demi is a hypocrite.  Lockett believes that the person shouldn’t have drawn Demi unrealistically but also felt that Demi had it coming in that Demi is always being hypocritical of women and other key issues. Further, Lockett believes that Demi reacted in an unjust way because the fan that probably drew it took a lot of time into drawing the artwork and therefore shouldn’t be blasted out for drawing her unrealistically.

You can check out Laura’s website her: lovethelockett


Laura and I forgot to take a photo with one another on the day we did our classmate conversation, so we FaceTimed one another and screenshotted the talk.






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