Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Selena Lara

For this week’s classmate conversation, I spoke to Selena Lara, and learned some interesting facts about her. Selena is from Compton, California and grew up with three sisters that she loves very much. She is a 4th year student at CSULB, is majoring in healthcare administration. Selena thinks she won’t be graduating until next year, so she will be a super senior. Selena’s favorite subject in school is finance. She loves the color red, and enjoys eating Chinese food. When Selena is not busy with school work she enjoys binge watching criminal TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Law and Order and Bones on Netflix. When Selena grows up, she wants to be a turtle. Currently, Selena is a nanny for foster babies.

The question of the week requires us to ask our classmate if they would chose the blue or red pill from the movie ‘The Matrix.’ If someone takes the red pill then they continue to be in Wonderland, however, if they take the blue pill the will wake up and the story ends where they will believe in whatever they want to believe in. Selena would take the blue pill because she believes the red pill would make her afraid to live. Furthermore, she would take the blue pill because she finds it challenging to believe in things that others don’t and have to continue proving them wrong. She finds this hard to cope with.

To learn about Selena Lara, check out her blog: selenalarablog



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