Week 14 – Art Activity – Instagram

Instagram day allowed everyone to be artists for the day in that they went around and took photos of their day, and shared their photos onto Instagram. I thought this activity was interesting because I got to take a glimpse into everyone’s day. In addition to being able to look at everyone’s day, I also got to track my day, and saw what interesting things I did at the very end of the day. Some of the photos people posted consisted of coffee, their dogs, food, themselves and their friends, as well as photos of nature. Looking at the photos, it made me realize that even though everyone is living ‘today’, we all experience it a different way. We eat different things, do different things and talk to different people. No one has the same day as anyone else unless they are spending the whole entire day together. One of my favorite things I saw was someone posted a orange and brown leaves, clearly expressing fall, while I posted a photo of a Christmas tree I just bought home and decorated. It is amazes me how the seasons change and how I am getting ready for winter/Christmas, but this person is still trying to soak in fall, which may be their favorite season.


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