Week 14 – Classmate Conversation – Aleah Lomeli

For this week’s classmate conversation, I spoke to Aleah Lomeli who was really nice. Aleah is from Whittier, California. She was born on May 28th and her horoscope is a Gemini. She has 5 younger siblings that she loves even though she finds them annoying at times as well. In addition, she is a first year student and is social work major. Her favorite subject in school is psychology, while her least favorite subject is statistics. Aside from going to to school and studying, Aleah enjoys cheer (she was a cheerleader in high school) and hanging out with her boyfriend, who she has been dating for 2 years, as well as her other friends and family members. Her favorite thing to watch on Netflix is Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. Aleah and I found out one thing we had in common was that we both really enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy. Her favorite foods are wings and pasta.

The question of week was related to our perspective of school in the year 2036. Aleah believes that in 2036 school will be taken over by technology and teachers will be teaching through computers. In addition, there will be more online courses.

You can check out Aleah’s website and see all the cool art things she’s been up to here: aleahlomeli28



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