Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Amy Duran

Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Duran Luis Casas
Exhibition: Love Houses
Media: Mixed-Media
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: polkadot.pony

About the Artist 

Amy Duran is a BFA Ceramics undergrad. Duran transferred from Cypress College to CSULB. She is hoping to graduate from college next semester. Duran has always been interested in sculpting, but when she is not sculpting Duran enjoy decorating cakes, painting and watching movies. Her favorite kind of movies are fantasy movies such as Harry Potter. In addition, Duran likes to retell fantasy stories such as the girl, guy and the wolf.

Formal Analysis

Duran’s gallery includes vases and ornaments you can hang up. At first glance, the ornaments look similar to sugar cookies. Furthermore Duran also has vases on display in which she painted white flowers on them. Another part of Duran’s gallery includes figurines. She has on display a man wearing a red and black checkered flannel sitting on a patch of grass enjoying himself. Furthermore, she also depicts a woman sitting on a rock wearing a periwinkle dress. The woman also has a basket of of apples on her lap. Behind the woman are two apple tress, one apple apple tree has a wolf standing next to it, and the other apple tree has a sign that says BEWARE and has the wolf’s face depicted on it.

Content Analysis

Duran says she enjoys story telling, especially a story about a man woman and wolf. I think the figurines are Duran’s way of storytelling. Both the figurines of the woman and the man displayed in Duran’s gallery has a very content facial expression, giving the impression that their life is well put together and they have everything they have ever wanted. However, little do they know there is a wolf who could impact their happy, perfect lives and change it all around.

Synthesis / My Experience 

I really enjoyed Duran’s artwork in that it is very different from anything I have ever seen. I really related to Duran’s figurines of the man, woman and the wolf because sometimes life can be surprising. You never know what is going to happen next in your life. One moment you can be content with life, but then the next moment disaster can strike. Furthermore, I thought this week’s art gallery walk was more fun than usual because these were art pieces that we could purchase and they were nice small items.


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