Week 15 EC – Feedback

First, I want to say I love this class. I enjoyed everything I have done so far and would not change a thing we did this semester. Glen is a wonderful professor and the class was all around very wonderful.

If I had to pick three of my least favorite activities it would probably be the graffiti drawing, sketching in the Japanese garden and Zines and Flip books. My three favorite activities were Instagram, Automatic Drawing and Vlogs.

I like the hybrid format because I was still able to see and interact with my classmates and teacher.

The classmate conversations were fun because I got to learn more about my classmates and make new friends. I have made many new friends through Art 110 and I hope our friendship goes far beyond Art 110.

I thought the weekly art blogs were interesting and I also really enjoyed seeing other people’s artwork. Most of the time I was in awe of how talented many of my classmates were.

I like the art of the week discussions, however, I wish we could edit or delete our posts if we made a mistake (or maybe we could do that but I just didn’t know how???). There were times when I found mistakes in my post but I did not know how to edit it. The videos were helpful because I got to look at art from different time periods and see how they change over time. Furthermore, I got to see what kind of art I liked and what kind of art I didn’t like.

WordPress is an easy site to use, I like it.


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